While brainstorming ideas for titles, I came across the Spice Islands cookbook published in 1961. In the forward it read, “The Spice Islands® Cook Book is dedicated to the thousands of men and women who cook for fun and pleasure as well as for everyday family needs.”

While the title of this blog is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, it is true that in the not too distant past, food preparation was more or less relegated to the housewives and bachelors of the world who cooked because someone had to eat. These cooks were able to sneak some creativity into the mix, with varying degrees of success. This is dedicated to the fun, the funny, and the mishaps encountered along the way.

“Some have taken up the culinary art as a new twist on the old ‘come see my etchings’ routine. Some have come to the kitchen out of necessity: even bachelors must eat. But all have remained to reap the pleasures from (and the praises for) good food thoughtfully prepared.”
-Esquire’s Handbook for Hosts, 1949



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