Kids Take Over a Kroger, 1952

This is fascinating. In 1952 Kroger let 54 kids (27 boys and 27 girls) between the ages of 6 and 10 choose any twenty items they wanted in a Cincinnati supermarket. They expected boatloads of candy and ice cream, but were surprised to see mostly pantry staples. Except for one kid, who chose beer and dog food. Which of these items was it that shocked them? The dog food. Of course.

Life Magazine reported the experiment. Photos on Buzzfeed here.

Check out those packed aisles of mini-carts, or “bascarts.” (Bascarts…really?) The young shoppers are taking their jobs quite seriously. I love the blond girl on the right in the first photo pursing her lips as she makes a selection.

I would like to know what the handsome surprise gift was. A ham? That seems to be a popular prize in the contests of yesteryear. Bag of the candy they were supposed to go for? Perhaps something with the Kroger logo inconspicuously involved?

Let’s try this experiment again. I would love to see the comparison results. Somehow I don’t expect so many of today’s children acting as “good provider[s]” playing the “role of mother.”

Although to be honest, if someone gave me free reign I would probably come back with 90% wine and fancy cheese.