Young Ideas in Cooking

Start ’em young, they say…
I, for one, did not actually start young in the kitchen, but thankfully the curiosity for all things culinary hit me like a ton of bricks, however latent it might have been. I suspect this isn’t always the case, however, so I am an advocate for getting the youngins involved in any way you can. Creativity you can eat saves you a lot of questionable artwork.

Young Ideas in Cooking cover

Young Ideas in Cooking, prepared by the American Dairy Association in 1959. I have to say, this is a pretty legit booklet. Along with basic foundations of getting started in the kitchen, like an explanation of tools and cooking techniques, there are some pretty wonderful illustrations and historical facts peppered in.

YIIC kitchen tools

YIIC food prep dictionary

Impressive pointers on white sauce – I don’t think most of my adult friends even have these down!

YIIC white sauceSeriously though, check out those illustrations:

YIIC condiments

YIIC woman


Saucy side-eye!

YIIC cow

YIIC caveman

YIIC farm flirt

It was released by the American Dairy Association after all, so it’s chock full of notes and recipes based on different forms of dairy:

YIIC milk

YIIC cheese

That’s right, definitely build an early appreciation for cheese!

YIIC ice cream history

A delightful reminder of the era’s fascination with space:

YIIC Apollo Fluff

Hopefully these aren’t the same nappies I’m picturing in my head.

Fun with mid century recipe weirdness:

"cooky" At least it's kid-friendly. Wait, rum flavored wafers...?

At least it’s kid-friendly. Wait, rum flavored wafers…

I would totally eat this.

Disclaimer: I would totally eat this.

Lest you think creative recipe ideas are a modern thing, here’s one that doesn’t actually sound too bad. I wouldn’t blink twice if this appeared on a modern menu:

I'd totally eat this too.

I’d totally eat this too.



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