After Sports Drinks

SC 32 After Sports Drinks

We’re not talking about Gatorade here. I love this vintage Southern Comfort pamphlet because it is just SO mid-century, from the unabashed maleness to the mere fact that having a cocktail after sports is considered a natural idea. And then there are those illustrations. Man, they are particularly good in this one.

Comfort Collins

The quintessential mid-century sport – bowling!

After sports time is fun time

Some serious pro-tips for making the best cocktails:


Each page is themed with a different sporting event or setting. It leads with a Southern Comfort cocktail, then has a couple of related drinks, and finishes with a food suggestion.


Comfort on the Rocks

Look at how detailed that hunting scene is!

The accompanying snack suggestions are particularly hilarious. They rechristen classic mid-century appetizers with more masculine monikers, and all involve the least amount of cooking possible. Along with Pups in a Poke, there are Chunk Dunks (cubed bologna with a horseradish cream dip), Schuss-Sizzlers (bacon and melted cheese over toast), Strike-Wiches (turkey between two slices of cheese, garnished with a sweet pickle), and Tee Balls (mini cheese balls served on golf tees).

Of course at the end there is an attempt to get some extra bucks with a classic order-by-mail offer. Don’t forget the gay cocktail “steamboat” napkins! Nothing says “Smooth Sailing” like ’em!

SC Hip Flask & Steamboat glasses

I’m actually fairly certain I have seen those steamboat glasses at my favorite local bar supply, Barkeeper.

Some more of those amazing illustrations for the road:

Comfort Manhattan

Scarlett O'Hara



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