Fourth of July

Butt'ry Shelf Cookbook cover

I was given The New England Butt’ry Shelf Cookbook (1969) as a gift a while back, and it is a cute little book that has menu ideas for holidays and special occasions. In the beginning of the book it explains that pantries are for city people, and butteries are the country counterpart, which gives a good indication of the tone of the book. It’s a scene of jams and jellies, cellars full of canned goods, bushel baskets of fruit from orchards, and piles of vegetables from the garden. The Fourth of July menu is delightfully simple and low on fuss, perfect for enjoying time with family and time outside. Apparently the Fourth is celebrated with salmon in New England – news to me – but the pickles, fruit, berry pies, and lemonade all ring of familiar summers. Having started my Fourth of July sweating away in the kitchen, I appreciate that they greet the holiday with a special breakfast. Nothing fancy, just pancakes, bacon, coffee, and punch, but it seems like a nice way to start the day. Maybe I’ll have a little Fourth of July brunch next year.

Fourth of July Butt'ry cookbook

Best quote from this section: Pride in blueberry pie is one of our sins. Pride in anything well-made is a deserved one, if you ask me!

Fourth of July menu




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