James Beard’s Treasury of Outdoor Cooking, 1960

Happy Memorial Day!

I didn’t make it to a BBQ today, sadly. I love everything on the grill. EVERYTHING. You name it, I would attempt to eat it off the grill (at least once).

Since I didn’t get to consume deliciously charred goods, I attempted to quell my BBQ longing with some photos from James Beard’s Treasury of Outdoor Cooking. The book is from 1960, and the photos tend to only be semi-appetizing these days, bless ’em. But the breadth of recipes, tips, and actual fine art in this book is outstanding! It’s kind of an unusual cookbook, as it has prints of food related works by the likes of Gaugin, Manet, & Picasso. Grills, spits, smokers, picnics, parties, even dining on a boat – you name it, JB covered it. There are also great tables for things like seasonings and sauces and what they work best with.

As with any dated work, there are some great laughs to be had, especially in the photo compositions.

One of my favorites:

“teen-age party”


sauerkraut-baked beans
potato chips
milk-soft drinks

This is an all-day affair and the key words with hungry, restless teen-agers are quantity and variety. Young people need lots to eat and plenty to do, so provide them with such entertainment as records, radio, television, and home movies, and let them do a good share of the cooking. I find that kids like to show their skill with skillet and tongs. In addition to the basic menu, try to have as many assorted relishes, spreads, quickie drink mixes, and cold cuts as possible. Rolls should be of different sizes and shapes-and include some loaves of French bread for the hero-sandwich fanciers. Also some pizza mix for the do-it-yourselfers. Ice cream, cakes, and popcorn are wonderful extra treats. If you think you are serving too much, don’t worry about it. If the initial guests don’t take care of it, they have friends who will!

So darn wholesome!

*Bonus laughs for the unnecessary nudity. (Oh those crazy sixties…)



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