The Glorious Cookbook Recipe Contest, 1972

BNR 10/27/72

This is an entire insert from my hometown newspaper devoted to a recipe contest in 1972. Cute, huh? The judges were the high school Home Ec. teacher, the Home Service Representative from the Power and Light company, and a chef from a local resort. Sweet hairdos, ladies!

Worth noting – “In the case of the same or similar recipes – the earliest postmark was selected.” This suggests that overlap was pretty common. Not that there are very many recipe contests like this anymore in the age of the internet, but when there are they are all about out-doing each other with rare ingredients or odd combinations. Nonetheless, these recipe contests were opportunities for people to show off their creativity in the kitchen. Sometimes the results were questionable by today’s standards, but some things could hold their own with current food blogs. I’d try avocado cake!

Among the recipes for avocado loaf cake and things like “Helen’s Cinnamon Swirl Buns” there is an impressive amount of sizable advertisements for local businesses. I was surprised by this at first, but the more I thought about it, it made sense. Newspapers were still the primary source of news in the early 70s and the businesses in town weren’t even considered “mom and pops” yet because they all were local businesses. Mixed in with all of the drug store and fashion and salon spots were a lot of ads charmingly tailored to the recipe contest. Take a peek:

Hill Electric Sales


Shop Rite

Rosey's Dream

So cheap!


This isn’t related to the recipe contest per se, but I love an ad from the good ol days talking about the good ol days that preceded them. For the record, there is still a meat market going strong in my hometown! (As is Pierce’s Super Market, now a multi-county empire.)

Kropp's Market



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