Life Magazine Ads, 1960 (Election Year)

I have a handful of Life Magazines from between 1958 and 1968, and if the ads are any indication, Americans drink more in election years. Perhaps it’s to take the edge off from the stress of hoping your candidate wins, or maybe it’s trying to forget all of the political ads and propaganda flying at you. In any case, the September 19th, 1960 issue of Life has significantly more alcohol ads than any of the others I have from that period as the country bore down on election day between JFK and Nixon. A few other food companies seemed to tailor their ads according to the political climate, notably Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, talking about civility instead of featuring their cartoon characters. In 2012 the media has tried to say that your alcoholic drink of preference or favorite foods are strong indicators of your political stance. (For the record, their data came from “likes” on Facebook, which I think is a terrible place to base your conclusions. A large number of people don’t “like” general food or beverage companies, and nevermind the people who aren’t even on Facebook.) I don’t know about drawing conclusions of political stance based upon the food companies you support online, but I do know that a lot of us will probably follow suit tonight in 1960 election style with a drink in hand while awaiting the results of this race. Here’s hoping for a good night tonight America.

*Update: In the end, the race wasn’t as close as it seemed. Obama!



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