French Cider

A couple of years ago I had French cider at a restaurant. Up until that point I never even knew French cider was a thing. I studied abroad in England in college so of course I have a personal relationship with the English version, but this lighter, brighter version was a surprising new take on it. It was almost like a cross between champagne and the English hard cider I was familiar with. I’ve looked for it in specialty liquor markets ever since, and this week I finally found some! This particular version is not on the super fancy end. It’s pretty sweet and has a bright, rounded apple flavor. You can see it in the pic that it’s a darker amber than most English ciders. It’s also only 4% abv, on the lower end of alcohol content for a cider. You’d probably have to drink the whole bottle before you felt anything.

Check out the Serious Eats: Drinks page on French cider for more of the low-down. If you come across some French cider, give it a shot!



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