Sabra Field Trip!

I have been chosen to go to the Sabra factory in Virginia! I am going to meet with a group of tastemakers and talk about spices. Hummus takes spices like pizza takes toppings! To get the ideas flowing, they sent us a TON of products to play with and the spice crew had quite the feast:

Some like it hot: chicken with shawarma rub + Aleppo pepper + Sabra’s Supremely Spicy Hummus. Perfection!

We know how to throw down with the best of them. One of my personal favorite concoctions was adding red zahtar and urfa biber to the classic flavor. The sesame really came through as a nice complement, and the slight tart edge of the red zahtar was a just enough contrast. And of course, the addition of a little heat from the urfa – that’s how I roll. I can’t wait to check out the magic behind the scenes and see what kinds of special flavors are in the works. To be continued…



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