Apple Pie Floats

After weeks of seeing autumn-inspired recipes, we finally got a couple of cool days here where the weather actually matched the season. All of the butternut squash and apple recipes have had me itching to get in the spirit. I read about apple pie floats months ago and have been patiently waiting for cider season to try them out. There seems to be quite a few ‘recipes’ for them, but that seems awfully generous for something with less ingredients than you have fingers on one hand and no cooking required. It’s a great idea though. I love the smell and idea of apple pie, but the limp texture of cooked apples, not so much. This is the perfect cheater’s way to get on the apple pie bandwagon.

The nicer quality the apple cider, the better. Unfortunately my urban-locked existence makes fresh, right from the orchard cider harder to come by. The nicer store brand did just fine. It seems like most people went with ginger ale, but why only go halfway when you can get use ginger beer and have more depth of flavor? Is the ice cream and apple cider combo not sweet enough already for you? Most important, of course, is the ice cream. Even as someone who isn’t overly fond of apple pie, I know that no self-respecting apple pie would be without cinnamon. Do yourself a favor and pick up some cinnamon ice cream. It’s harder to find, but if you’re in the fall/winter season it should be around. I made my cinnamon ice cream, but I was trying out a new recipe and it wasn’t my favorite, so if you’re going to go that route, choose your favorite vanilla recipe and add a generous amount of cinnamon to it. If all else fails, you can always sprinkle cinnamon on the ice cream.

Here’s my take on Apple Pie Floats:

Cinnamon Ice Cream
Apple Cider
Ginger Beer

Go half cider and half ginger beer on the ice cream, et voilĂ , your work here is done!


Cinnamon Chips make everything better




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